Malevolence 2012




MALEVOLENCE requires no introduction. The Portuguese renowned masters of sonic extreme metal progression were created way back in 1994 by the creative individual mind of CARLOS CARIANO and are currently in their eighteenth year of existence whilst propelling ahead as a fiercely independent extreme metal act.


After their introductory demo recording PLEASURE OF MOLESTATION was released and distributed to the public sector throughout the usual channels back in 1994, the item promptly rendered the band the swift transaction of more than 1000 units sold worldwide. Soon the gossip broaden by word of mouth stroke the nerve awareness of DANGER RECORDS granting them the chance to sign through the label during the opening of 1995 in support of the release of two full length albums.


DOMINIUM was the first release to come out of this strategic alliance beneath the dawning of 1996. The reaction of the fans and specialized press for such a young band was awe-inspiring cementing MALEVOLENCE as one of the first Portuguese metal bands to release and come out with an official album rising from the Portuguese shores meant for the world. The band embarked upon a Portuguese Tour in support of their debut but the admirable reactions did not match the sales as the album suffered underprivileged promotion and distribution everywhere. It is still very difficult to this day to find a genuine replica of it upon the market. As a result the band parted ways with DANGER RECORDS at the beginning of 1998 and signed with MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT during the fall of the same year.


Without losing precious time MALEVOLENCE enters FREDMAN STUDIO in SWEDEN to record the 2nd full length album titled MARTYRIALIZED. The pre production on all tunes was completed by the band while the recording was registered by ANDERS FRIDEN of IN FLAMES fame.


The final output resulted from a mutual cooperation between FREDRIK NORDSTROM (mixing) and GORAN FINNBERG (mastering) of AT THE GATES, OPETH, ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY, and DIMMU BORGIR fame.


MARTYRIALIZED was met with increasing critical acclaim on worldwide heavy weight magazines such as TERRORIZER (UK), HARD’N’HEAVY (FRA), LEGACY (GER), METAL HAMMER (POL), GRINDER (CH), BRAVEWORDS (CAN) ILL LITERATURE (USA), NORDIC VISION (NOR), MINDVIEW (BEL), CLOSE-UP (SWEDEN), LOUD (PT) to name just a few.


TERRORIZER (UK) praised MARTYRIALIZED for avoiding the gothic metal cliché that seemed to stamp the sound of every single band emerging from Lusitania. Editor NICK TERRY further acknowledged the MALEVOLENCE brand of metal at the same time as complex, insidiously haunting and incredible hard edged, exalting and giving credit in the process to vocalist CARLOS CARIANO for the extremely anthemic songwriting plus for being undoubtedly in love with a superior lead line, rasping throughout all the compositions as a one-man NEW WAVE OF PORTUGUESE EXTREME METAL all to himself.


MALEVOLENCE was inserted with the harsh captivating sound and downright haunting HUNTERS OF THE RED MOON anthem among a myriad of compilation samplers worldwide for the rejoicing popular support from the masses. A multitude of interviews and live demonstrations inside and outside of Portugal with heavy weights such as: CRADLE OF FILTH, BEHEMOTH, MARDUK, AND OCEANS, NIGHTFALL, MOONSPELL, GENOCIDE, AVULSED or DORNENREICH ensue.


On the dawning of 2003 the band records CELEBRATION OF DYSFUNCTIONAL BECOMING blasting forth in every single direction of the vast extremes of heavy monolithic music. This release garners the attention of a small portion of specialized worldwide metal labels that remained in contact to this day in the midst of the prospect to release the bands 3rd album when it was the right time. This particular release was recorded only for promotional reason and was by no means commercialized on the market.


These days and even if the band members are indeed associated within several other well-known music projects, MALEVOLENCE erects largely as a crucial and extreme progressive metal act expanding the absolute reinterpretation of the crushing earth and the sea of possibilities that emanates from within. Spearheaded by the foursome strength of CARLOS CARIANO, AIRES PEREIRA, PAULO PEREIRA and FRED NOEL the collective continues to forge ahead the bastion of heaviness and extreme metal dynamics in excess of unparalleled aural experiences obtainable and made in Portugal.


Not playing live to a large extent since 2001 beneath personal option, MALEVOLENCE reversed yet again to the stages and perpetuated a unique live performance during 2011 whilst sharing the stage with metal colossus MORBID ANGEL, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and IHSAHN at the 3rd edition of VAGOS OPEN AIR FESTIVAL, rejoicing in the process a massive amount of metal rabid fans gasping for almost a decade to witness the band live.


Notwithstanding the fact the band received a large amount of proposals to play live subsequent to the VAGOS OPEN AIR FESTIVAL appearance, MALEVOLENCE preferred to concentrate on the pre-production and recording of their third extreme and progressive metal chapter. For the recording of the drumming patterns on the new material MALEVOLENCE recruited session drummer extraordinaire DIRK VERBEUREN (SOILWORK, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, JEFF LOOMIS...). 


The bands 3rd full length album designated ANTITHETICAL was produced entirely by CARLOS CARIANO and recorded at 20M2SEA STUDIO by PAULO PEREIRA in Portugal, whereas in the process the band recruited sound engineer/producer V. SANTURA (TRIPTYKON, OBSCURA, DARK FORTRESS, PESTILENCE...) to record the vocals, mix and master the album outside of the Portuguese borders. ANTITHETICAL was concluded distinctively in Landshut, GERMANY at WOODHOUSE STUDIO between the 14th and the 23rd March 2012.


Way beyond than just a mere collection of songs, MALEVOLENCE means complexly orchestrated music that stands nowadays with sophisticated character imposing psycho corrosive and progressive sound experiences. MALEVOLENCE represents a massive metallic rebellion that must be perceived and considered as an extreme progressive metal medium under expression and not as a marketing campaign. MALEVOLENCE is pushing beyond preconceptions, significantly broadening the scope on all dissonant levels and it’s roughly certain that ANTITHETICAL will erect as an achievement that stands out as one of the most volatile, ambitious and impossible to aptly categorize records you will hear in 2013.


To a large extent as MARTYRIALIZED was way ahead of its time in 1999, a fact that many media intermediates still corroborate to this day, the ANTITHETICAL outcome is on the edge to pursue the steps of its predecessor and even surpassing it as a heavy brilliant metal ANTITHETICAL concept nothing short of amazing...