Friday, 22 November 2013 12:23

Antithetical Out Today !!!

Finally the wait is over and Antithetical has been released everywhere today by Carbon Medien Records.

“The path leading to this point has been long, it wasn’t easy to pass some of life's adversities in the process, and through it 14 years flashed before our eyes. The burden of carrying such a colossal work on our shoulders for so many years is now gone but thinking in retrospective every single day we spent on the process to achieve the musical work depicted on Antithetical was extremely challenging and rewarding. Albums like this are tremendously demanding, life consuming and sometimes extremely painful to create. On the other hand the music is incredibly invigorating and inspiring. Love Us Or Hate Us – Malevolence sounds like no other except for the similarities to the minds from where it has arisen”, said Carlos Cariano.

Malevolence consists of Paulo Pereira (Keyboards & Programming), Aires Pereira (Bass), Fred Noel (Guitars), Carlos Cariano (Vox & Guitars) and Dirk Verbeuren (Drums). Antithetical is available via iTunes plus in a plethora of stores worldwide.


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Friday, 10 May 2013 16:19


MALEVOLENCE recently united efforts with OFFICIAL.FM.


SLITHERING and DEVOURED ULIMITED, the first and second single from ANTITHETICAL are available for nonstop listening pleasure, download and share at this location.


SLITHERING and DEVOURED UNLIMITED come off MALEVOLENCE's third  studio album, ANTITHETICAL, which will be released on the 2nd half of 2013. The CD was recorded by Paulo Pereira at 20M2SEA Studio in Leiria, Portugal and was mixed by V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, OBSCURA, PESTILENCE) at his WOODSHED Studio in Landshut, Germany.


SLITHERING, the official video from Portuguese Extreme Progressive Metallers MALEVOLENCE, can be seen at this location.

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Friday, 25 January 2013 13:04


MALEVOLENCE press forward that DEVOURED UNLIMITED, the 2nd single extracted from their upcoming 3rd album ANTITHETICAL is now playing!

MALEVOLENCE had this to say about the audiovisual:

We wanted to go further by exploring additional ways to present our music. The concept this time is based in a raw model script build up by our singer & vocalist CARLOS CARIANO. The visual background inspired in a straight line by the script was designed by KKSTRUCTURES while the final PROJEKT assemblage was generated by our long time teammate EURICO BERNARDO. We feel very pleased with the outcome and the final results perfectly extrapolate the devastating aura of our brand new single.

For a product made completely in Portugal, based just on a couple of raw notes and scribbles, this is the perfect demonstration that no huge investments are required to achieve an entertaining product. DEVOURED UNLIMITED serves as a testimonial to contradict the actual economic and social chaos panorama overfilling the Portuguese shores, yet manages to prove that it is necessary to move on, to be perseverant, to explore imagination and dedicate energy to find new ways to continue on giving good entertainment and OPTIMISM to the masses!


The audiovisual now playing is presented by MALEVOLENCE in a direct association with KKSTRUCTURES and CARBON MEDIEN.

Scroll down below to enjoy a dose of pure BLACK & WHITE entertainment.


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Friday, 18 January 2013 22:51


Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE are proud to press forward that DEVOURED UNLIMITED, the 2nd single extracted from their upcoming 3rd album ANTITHETICAL will be available on Friday, January 25th.

DEVOURED UNLIMITED draws a parallel on wars linking the precedent atrocities known to men with the present state of destruction and the pandemonium that is about to come.


The audio episode verses about solid facts and renders the ironic ARBEIT MACHT FREI statement amongst the flagellation brought to the world by the Nazi regime.


The artwork for the brand new single was once more propelled ahead by the design bureau KKSTRUCTURES.


While DEVOURED UNLIMITED is not available watch/listen the official video/audio for the 1st single SLITHERING extracted from ANTITHETICAL down below.


Watch out: A STORM IS COMING !!! 





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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 22:05


The latest issue # 19 by National INFEKTION MAGAZINE is now available for online reading and downloading. By downloading the full magazine file (. Zip Format) you will automatically receive the integral audio for the SLITHERING theme (first single) from our upcoming third album ANTITHETICAL to be released during 2013.

Indeed, one of the best ways to combine audio pleasure along with the ecstasy of reading and knowing more about metal without a shadow of doubt.

To make the download of the magazine + theme click in here.

To read it online without the chance to get the theme click in here.

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Friday, 14 December 2012 15:52

malevolence brazil metal generation team

Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE proudly announce the band is from this day forward represented exclusively in BRAZIL via the metal alliance build up amid the band and the BRAZILIAN metal unit METAL GENERATION.

This blending shall propel the name MALEVOLENCE to the BRAZILIAN audiences in a straight and more effective level going under representation beneath the moniker MALEVOLENCE BRAZIL METAL GENERATION TEAM.

By giving coverage to a vast spectrum of genres, extracting out the best of every metal scene and expanding everything in between around the large territory of BRAZIL, METAL GENERATION stands forth as a media vehicle dedicated to the promotion of everything METAL.

HENRIQUE CAMPOS (director) from METAL GENERATION discloses the following statement about the partnership: “It’s a massive emotion to be from now on representing everything MALEVOLENCE beneath the BRAZILIAN territory. I am sure the BRAZILIAN fans will rejoice with the music excellence of MALEVOLENCE whilst discovering everything the band has done ‘til this day. This partnership will also benefit our scene in the process meaning that even more people will know about our own BRAZILIAN metal culture abroad. Indeed, it’s a flattering position to be the MALEVOLENCE ambassador down here!”

ANTITHETICAL, the 3rd full length album from MALEVOLENCE shall be released on the market during 2013. SLITHERING the first song extracted from the album saw the advance self titled video surpassing recently +3500 views on YOUTUBE. On the same page the audio single via SOUNDCLOUD reached lately 1000 online plays. These are all excellent results further propelling the band’s name worldwide.

The first results from this alliance are currently under development and along with the release of the 2nd ANTITHETICAL single shall be revealed soon.

Keep your eyes to see & your ears to hear with reference to ANTITHETICAL!

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Friday, 02 November 2012 15:29

Slithering Now Playing

As reported previously by Portuguese Extreme Metallers MALEVOLENCE, SLITHERING the brand new video from the band is now playing.



SLITHERING, written by guitarist/vocalist Carlos Cariano is taken from the band’s upcoming third album ANTITHETICAL, which will be released in 2013.

The audio (visual) episode now in exhibition was directed by David Barros of 4THERECORDS.


GREECE and BRAZIL Medias were primarily interested in contributing for the previously reported alliance. Though GREECE only confirmed participation on the event today. MALEVOLENCE welcomes aboard their GREEK FANS and informs as well that that BRAZIL will soon launch the rotation of the video.


In order to watch every single PREMIERE click on the media name presented above.

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Thursday, 01 November 2012 01:19

Slithering Video Premiere

SLITHERING, the brand new video from Portuguese Extreme Progressive Metallers MALEVOLENCE will premiere exclusively via METAL UNDERGROUND in USA, PUREGRAINAUDIO in CANADA and ARTE SONORA in PORTUGAL. It was directed by David Barros of 4THERECORDSSLITHERING, written by guitarist/vocalist Carlos Cariano, is taken from the band’s upcoming third album ANTITHETICAL, which will be released in 2013.


Carlos commented about the new video: “SLITHERING was the first single extracted from our impending new album. DECIBEL MAGAZINE kindly assisted us to make the PREMIERE of the audio episode some weeks ago, helping us in the process to show the song writing diversity on ANTITHETICAL. Now we are moving forward and presenting the visual production of our first (ever) music video interrelated with the same song. To achieve that we worked with 4THERECORDS, a young company producing mainly short films and commercials. SLITHERING is their boldest achievement to date and we are truly pleased with the visual quality of our first cooperation with this entity.  The support of 4THERECORDS was central and decisive to attain the professional final results”.


Considering the alliance held for this PREMIERE, Carlos added: “Subsequent to the PREMIERE of SLITHERING we received rave reviews far and wide. The interest upon ANTITHETICAL grows on a daily basis rate. Sharing our video through such professional media, in 3 different Countries at the same time means quite something!


All the media involved in this alliance have been faithfully serving up mainstream and underground to their ever growing global fan base.


On November 2 you’ll get to decide whether or not we all succeeded. 

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Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE provided via METAL UNDERGROUND (USA) an exclusive. The exclusive consists of a track-by-track breakdown about their upcoming 3rd full length effort ANTITHETICAL. After a 13 year hiatus the band reveals to their fans a taste of the overall concept that’s about to come. This information is revealed after the recently released opening track SLITHERING over BANDCAMP


To check the very comprehensive article click here .

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 10:30

antithetical worldwide premiere part 2

As reported previously by Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE yesterday marked the official premiere for the teaser 2012 comprising the very first sounds of ANTITHETICAL at a worldwide level.


This premiere marked as well the first straight partnership of the band with peripheral media partners METAL UNDERGROUND (USA) and INFEKTION MAGAZINE (PORTUGAL) while the first results of such cooperation went way superior to thy expectations.


The teaser 2012 (since yesterday) is available for a running period of 30 days under exclusivity and can be observed by clicking on the following media:  





MALEVOLENCE commented: “As with everything we do and have done since 1994 in terms of music commitment and dedication the convergence between the music and sound we are now exposing to the public goes beyond the ordinary static teasers popping around these days. We are always pushing our experiences way further without any kind of restrictions or apprehension! WE as MALEVOLENCE stand proud for doing things differently and we will keep evolving under that perspective in the future!


MALEVOLENCE would like to take this opportunity to thank to all the fans, public in general and all the media worldwide for their support in spreading the very first sounds of ANTITHETICAL and also for the fantastic feedback so far!

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